Table modifications

Earlier on in the conversion, I devised a method of supporting the table when in use. The aim was to come up with a design that held the table firm, whilst also allowing it to move from side to side.

table diy campervan

This was so the table could be reached by both seating areas when being used as a dining table, and then pushed back out the way when finished, to use it more like a coffee table.

table diy campervan

I was never 100% happy with this setup, as it made getting the table in and out difficult and I could soon see that after a little use the top runner would start to wear, making the table unstable. Not ideal.

table diy campervan

Designing a better way to fix the table to the wall

So the other day I had a brainwave and came up with a new way of clamping the table from underneath, whilst still allowing it to slide out of the way. Using a butt hinge, a bolt, a washer, a handwheel and a piece of scrap steel plate, this is what I came up with…

Looking from underneath the table.

diy campervan

diy campervan

The clamp holds the table very firm and will never wear. Just needs a coat of paint.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Cost so far £610.00

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