Painting & varnishing all the doors

Now time for a bit of colour

Now all the campervan doors are made, we have to decide what colour to paint them. The first choice was something ‘light and bright’, but then my wife pointed out that it would show the dirt, and that a darker colour would add a classy look. So we went and looked at paint colours and chose one called Kestrel.

The doors are done

painted doors - diy campervan

I’ve just finished painting the doors and cutlery draw with 3 coats of emulsion paint and 3 coats of satin varnish. I used a mini roller to apply the paint and varnish, and sanded the doors between coats to give a nice smooth finish. I must say now they’re done we are really pleased. They look great!

Next, I’ve got to paint all the main structures in the campervan, like the kitchen area, wardrobe, shelf, and internal walls. This is going to be a bigger job, because to do this I need to totally strip everything out, which is something I need to do anyway to fit the wiring for the lights, it will also give me the opportunity to clean the roof lining.

Cost so far £540.00

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