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in progress - diy campervan

The title of this post says it all really. I’ve completely removed the kitchen and bathroom from the campervan in order to paint, clean, fit the wiring, cover the side panels and fit the hookup socket. The various parts of the kitchen and bathroom have now been painted and are scattered around the house and workshop waiting for the final fit.

There has been lots more going on as well.

Let me show you what I’ve been doing…

This is the side panel and wheel arch cover in the bathroom. It’s made from MDF and hardboard and is covered with some rubber waxy material I got from my local recycling centre for £1.00. We wanted something waterproof to cover it in, as we thought It’d be more practical in a bathroom area. I’m really pleased with how it has turned out.

in progress diy campervan

wheel arch covered diy campervan

These next couple of pictures show one half of the kitchen unit which has been painted and varnished. The grill pan area has been lined with aluminium (which was given to me) and my dad made that really cool bin you can see, it should come in very handy. Thanks Dad.

kitchen unit - diy campervan

kitchen unit - diy campervan

This next picture shows the other half of the kitchen unit, with the sink and cooker fitted just to give you an idea of what it will look like once installed in the campervan.

kitchen unit - diy campervan

I also had to make a new front panel for the cooker out of aluminium.

cooker - diy campervan

Behind the kitchen unit…

This is the back of the kitchen unit where the gas and water bottles live. I’ve given it three coats of varnish/stain. The varnish was another freebie. That hole on the bottom left-hand side is an access panel (just in case I need to get to the hookup socket). I’ve made a door for this, which I’ll fit later on.

diy campervan

You can also see that I’ve fitted the gas pipe and a new gas tap for the cooker.

gas tap diy campervan

I bought the tap from the Calor Gas website, luckily they had a half-price sale on, so it only cost £8.00 delivered. I’ve cut out an access hole in the back of the cutlery drawer, so I can turn the gas off from inside the campervan.

gas tap diy campervan

The picture below is taken looking into the cutlery drawer, with the rubber flap (made from a 99p rubber car mat from Tescos) lifted up…

gas tap diy campervan

The view from the other side.

diy campervan

This picture shows the position of the gas bottle in relation to the gas tap.

gas tap diy campervan

OK, almost done…

Just a few more pictures…

This shows the bathroom cabinet all painted up and ready to fit.

interior unit diy campervan

Shown with its door in place.

interior cupboard diy campervan

I’ve painted the back of the cabinet darker, so it doesn’t show through the window tint when fitted.

interior cupboard diy campervan

This is the bathroom/kitchen wall, which I’ve had to paint in three different ways – this is the bathroom side.

diy campervan

Only about 2″ of the painted area will be seen as the rest will be tiled. The stained/varnished bit, which if you remember is the same as the back of the kitchen unit, will be seen when the back doors are open like this.

diy campervan

So it will match all the woodwork from the rear. It looks a bit messy at the moment but trust me, it will work out fine.

diy campervan

This final picture shows the back wall, this is the side that will be seen from the back of the campervan when the rear doors are opened. The other side of the wall will be tiled and have the top cupboard and cooker hood fitted to it.

wall diy campervan

Cost so far £555.00

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