Chim chiminee

Fitting the cooker hood chimney

Now that the kitchen is all but finished, it seems a good time to fit the chimney. This is simply a case of drilling a 62mm hole right through the cooker hood and campervan roof. As I’m sure you can appreciate, double checking your measurements here is very important, as you only get one go at this.

chimney diy campervan

The chimney is actually a Truma AK3 roof flue for a caravan gas heater and costs £15.00 from eBay, they are also available from most caravan spares suppliers. It’s very easy to fit and comes with a big rubber gasket to keep the weather out. As well as venting steam from the kettle, etc. it will also help with general ventilation, so should help cut down condensation.

As you can see from the pictures below, fitting the chimney went well, thank goodness!

chimney diy campervan

chimney diy campervan

Below is a picture looking up into the cooker hood, it just needs some silicon sealer and we’re good to go.

chimney diy campervan

Cost so far £610.00

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