Let there be light

12v and 240v campervan lighting

The time has come to fit the campervan lighting. Once the lights are in place, I’ll know where to route all the wires when it comes to connecting the electrics.

I bought four really nice 12v flush fit downlights from eBay (brand new) for only £1.50 each. I also bought ten switches for just 99p, that are good for both 240v mains and 12v.

campervan lighting

campervan lighting

Another bargain we picked up was the 240v halogen spotlights. We managed to spot them (no pun intended) in our local DIY store’s bargain bin. They were reduced from £11.50 each to just 50p each, how cool is that! They should make ideal 240v campervan lighting.

campervan lighting

Over at the kitchen area, I’ve fitted a 240v spotlight and a 12v strip light under the top kitchen cupboard (directly above the sink). I managed to pick up the strip light at a local car boot sale for a £1.00! The switch on the right is for the spotlight.

campervan lighting

All the campervan lighting has only cost me around £15.00!

Other finishing touches…

I’ve also been working on some of the other finishing touches, like the cutlery drawer which has been made from some offcuts of 6mm MDF, and lined with some tough laminate made out of an old fire surround.

campervan drawer

The picture below shows how I’ve fitted out the bottom part of the wardrobe/cupboard, which will be used to store food, tins, etc. Each of the three compartments has a lip at the front to stop the plastic baskets from sliding forward. The area on the right is just the right size to stack milk cartons. The metal tube is removable and is there to stop the cartons from falling over.

campervan cupboard

I’ve now replaced the temporary hardboard sliding door into the cab with a 9mm piece of MDF edged with some plastic trim, and fitted flush door handles to match.

campervan furniture

campervan furniture

I’ve also glued some half-round wood trim around the door opening, as well as to all the other exposed edges of MDF in the campervan interior.

campervan cupboard

And finally, I’ve installed two double plug sockets on either end of the 2nd seating unit (which will house the RCD unit).

So that’s about it for this post – see you next time. 🙂

Cost so far £500.00

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