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Campervan Crockery – a buyers guide

If you are wondering which campervan crockery to choose then you’ve come to the right place. Using our experience (and plenty of research) we’ll outline the choices available, so that you can make up your mind which crockery will be best for you and your campervan. We’ll even give you tips on packing and storing it too!

campervan crockery choices


1: Corelle Crockery

Corelle dinnerware was new to us, but we soon discovered that it is highly regarded among those who want both durability and style when they’re on the move. Corelle tableware has been used in the USA for years, and is the go-to product for RV owners. It is made of Vitrelle glass, a tempered glass product consisting of two types of glass laminated into three layers, that give its strength. Corelle crockery is quite expensive, but as we all know, you pay for quality!

Advantages of using Corelle crockery in your campervan

  • Corelle crockery is as thin and translucent as fine china, yet dramatically stronger.
  • It is made from break-resistant tempered glass that won’t chip, stain or scratch.
  • It’s thin and lightweight.
  • It stacks easily and comes with an impressive three-year warranty.
  • Unlike melamine, it can be used in a microwave and the oven.

The Corelle range of crockery comes in a huge variety of different patterns and styles to suit every taste. Trust me, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Our pick is this Corelle 18-Piece Simple lines Black and White Chip and Break Resistant Dinner Set.

2: Melamine Crockery

Melamine crockery is the standard choice for campervan crockery – we use plates and bowls made from melamine ourselves. Melamine crockery is lightweight and robust, it comes in some lovely designs and is very affordable too.

Our tips for getting the most out of your melamine crockery:

  • Melamine is so light that it has a tendency to slip about – use a table mat to keep it in place.
  • Be aware that melamine mugs stain quickly with frequent tea and coffee use.
  • Don’t use serrated knives with melamine, or your plates will scratch.
  • Whatever you do, don’t put melamine products in an oven or microwave – it is dangerous, as it could leak chemicals.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaners, scouring pads or bleach on melamine.

Melamine is a good choice for campervan crockery, especially if you buy a quality set with good reviews.

Our pick is this simple white Flamefield 16 piece melamine set.

3: Lightweight unbreakable camping set

This practical and low-cost dinner set comes in a variety of sizes and options

This easy-to-stack set is sturdy, durable, dishwasher and freezer safe.  Check out this Amazon link for more details.

4: China or Ceramic Crockery

Is campervan crockery made from china out of the question?

No, it isn’t. Not if you pack it properly and can protect it when you are on the move (see our tips further down the page). The weight can be an issue and I wouldn’t recommend a full dinner service! – but a few pieces or china or ceramic shouldn’t be too much of a problem – just use a lighter weight alternative for the rest of your campervan crockery.


We use melamine plates and bowls (though after looking into Corelle dinnerware, that may soon change). Our mugs and coffee cups are china – tea and coffee just seems to taste better out of them. We also take plastic tumblers for juice, and a couple of small (real glass) liqueur glasses for the occasional nightly nip. 🙂


Plates and Bowls

For plates and bowls etc. our first choice would be to buy yourself a nice set of Corelle crockery. It is stylish, lightweight, and there is such a great range you’re sure to find just the thing for your campervan. They are microwave and oven safe too – perfect!

Melamine would also work well (as long as you don’t need it for the microwave or oven). Give melamine mugs a miss, or be prepared to change them regularly as they do stain quite quickly.

Mugs and Coffee Cups

If you’re not using Corelle mugs, then we’d recommend taking a couple of good china/ceramic mugs for your morning cuppa. (Drinks taste so much better out of ‘proper’ mugs.)

Glasses and Tumblers

Plastic tumblers do the job for most soft drinks such as squash or lemonade, but you’ll probably want something a bit nicer for your evening tipple. We like these large polycarbonate wine glasses as they are virtually unbreakable, just what you need when you are travelling.

If wine is your thing – you may need one of these wine bottle holders too!


  • Line your cupboards with non-slip matting. It is cheap, effective and easy to cut to size, and will help to stop stuff sliding about. You can also use pieces of the non-slip matting between items to stop any rattling when you’re on the move. (Paper plates work well for this too.)
  • Once your cupboards are non-slip, you could think about using a plate rack – like this Delfinware Plate Storage Rack. (Check out the dimensions against the size of your cupboard to ensure it will fit.)
  • Alternatively, stack up your plates and bowls and use one of these Fiamma Omni Object holders to keep them in place. Easy to lock and unlock, the Omni Object holder is a popular campervan accessory and ideal for keeping your crockery safe!
  • Another really simple storage solution is to fill a plastic basket with your melamine plates and bowls, and use a tea towel in the bottom to stop any movement – that’s what we do!
  • If you fancy a purpose made plate stand then you could check out this foam plate stand which is designed for caravans, mobile homes and boats. Some say it is too much money for a piece of foam – but if the piece of foam does the job…?
  • For mug storage, you may want to try one of these Muggi Mug holders. They come in 6 different colours (including pink and lime green!) and hold 4 mugs or cups. Made from lightweight plastic, the Muggi mug holder is sold with a lifetime guarantee.
  • If you’d like storage that incorporates both glass and cups, etc. then this Froli universal glass/cup holder may be just the thing. It boasts easy storage and transportation, without any rattling or breakages!


When we first went out in our campervan, we were so excited to be on the road that we didn’t even think about how to store our campervan crockery… or anything really. We just loaded the cupboards and off we went, oblivious to the pitfalls of not packing properly. Oh, the perils of being a newbie.

Things we’ve learned since then…

  • Keep heavier weight items, such a china/ceramic plates in the lower cupboards.
  • Be careful when opening cupboards after a long journey and be ready to catch anything that might leap out!
  • Store lighter things in top cupboards (that way if they do fall out they are less likely to cause any damage).
  • Before a journey, double check that the fridge is locked shut and that all the cupboards are securely shut too.
  • Put any glass (bottles/jars etc.) next to soft items when packing your cupboards.
  • In an emergency you can pop a sock over a bottle to keep it safe. 🙂
  • You can use dish-washing sponges or toilet rolls to fill left-over spaces and stop things moving.
  • Tea towels are handy to cushion things while you are travelling.
  • Bubblewrap is always useful!

Right, that’s about it…

I do hope that our experience has been of some use to you, and has gone some way to helping you decide which will be the best campervan crockery for you.

See you on the road!

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

– Susan Sontag

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