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Best Camping Windbreak – we look at the options

There is no denying that windbreaks are really useful: they give privacy and shelter and are a quick and easy way to mark out your territory. Whether you want a windbreak to keep your dogs enclosed on a campsite, or are looking for a handy extension to your awning (or just to stop the wind on the beach) – then we’ve got you covered.

We’ve been in search of what makes the best camping windbreak, and here is what we’ve found…

best camping windbreak


Then an old fashioned wooden-pole seaside windbreak would probably do the trick. They are readily available, come in bright colours and the amount of poles determine the length of your finished windbreak, all you’ll need is a rubber mallet to bash the poles into the sand – simple.

Hmmm, maybe not quite so simple – after doing some research and reading reviews, it seems not all seaside windbreaks are created equal. Common issues seem to be stitching coming undone, or poles splitting or breaking. (We’d suggest you read a few reviews of popular makes before you commit to buying.)

If you are looking for a good example of a wooden pole beach windbreak – then this Yello WBL Windbreak (with 4 poles, and measuring 122cm high x 287cm long) has favorable reviews. It has also got a nice bright design, as you can see below – it makes a change from stripes, doesn’t it?


As standard beach type windbreaks are not really suitable for anything other than soft ground, it makes sense to look for a windbreak that is more suited to the job. That means that you will need a windbreak that will be able to deal with being erected on harder ground, or even on hard standing.

So, let’s have a look at the different types that are available…


A windbreak that has steel caps and tips will ensure that the wooden poles will stand up much better to the stresses of being bashed into the hard ground of a campsite.

Based on our research, a windbreak such as this Blue Diamond Windbreak would be a good choice. It has decent reviews and the Blue Diamond make has a good reputation.
The Blue Diamond Windbreak has protective steel caps and tips to reinforce its 7 wooden poles, and it is made of rot-proof fabric. The windbreak is 18ft long, and it also has an awning channel for you to attach it to your motorhome or caravan if needed.


Steel poled windbreaks are favoured by a lot of campers, caravanners, and motorhome owners.

This type of windbreak is usually lighter than the wooden poled variety and the windbreak’s steel poles will have the advantage of being more durable than wooden poles. Steel poled windbreaks usually have guy ropes for additional support against the wind.

Here are our pick of steel pole windbreaks…

1: The Royal Leisure Windbreak

This Royal Leisure Windbreak is a good examples of a steel poled windbreak. It is a stylish looking windbreak in blue and silver and has a clear window panel along the top (to give you a view whilst sheltering you from the wind). It has 6 poles and its dimensions are 130cm high x 750cm long – it also comes with its own storage carrying bag.

The reviews suggest the Royal Leisure is a good quality windbreak that does the job well.

2: The Kampa steel poled Windbreak.

This is a nice looking windbreak (see below) and we like the fact that it comes in a choice of colours so that you can match it to your tent, motorhome, or awning. It is made of Polyester and has 4 poles and its dimensions are 140cm high x 500cm long. It also comes with a storage bag.

The reviews on this one are mixed, so as always, we suggest you read the reviews and make up your own mind.

3: The Kampa AIR break pro 3 Windbreak

The Kampa AIR break pro 3 is the worlds first inflatable windbreak.  The AIR break pro 3 can be used free-standing or attached to an existing awning. Creating a private enclosure (which is handy if you have dogs) couldn’t be easier,  just peg down the windbreak and inflate with a hand air pump (not included). The AIR break is approximately 5ft tall, made from waterproof material, has window panels at the top and comes in 3 or 5 panels versions.

You can read reviews on the Kampa Pro Windbreak on Amazon.

That leads us nicely on to our next type of windbreak…

If you are looking for a free standing windbreak, a windbreak you can use on hardstanding, or a windbreak to enable you to make a dog enclosure – then you probably need a rigid frame windbreak…


Rigid windbreaks seem to be the popular choice of seasoned campers, caravanners and motorhome owners – as well as dog owners!

A rigid frame windbreak usually has supports both top and bottom, and is free standing. These type of windbreaks are much in demand with those who want a long lasting stylish windbreak to use around their motorhome or caravan, or those who need a dog proof windbreak to make a safe enclosure for their pets.

Our experience of dog proof windbreaks…

When we first saw dog proof windbreaks, I must say we were mightily impressed. We were on a campsite in Devon, and the caravan parked near to us had a virtually impenetrable fortress around their caravan. We watched with interest as a gate opened in the windbreak and out came three lively boxer dogs ready for their evening walk.

We’d never seen a dog proof windbreak before, never mind a windbreak with a gate! What a great idea, we thought. Surely, these have got to be on the list of best camping windbreaks for all you travelling dog lovers out there?

In this rest of this section we are going to point you in the direction of the companies who are known for their rigid frame windbreaks (and in the process, hopefully answer the question, which is the best camping windbreak if you have dogs?).


Read down as we introduce you to the main manufacturers of this type of windbreak…

Jormax Windbreaks

Jormax Windbreaks are one of the top suppliers of rigid frame windbreaks, windbreak dog enclosures, and windbreaks with gates. The windbreaks can be used on hard standing and are easy to erect. They come in a choice of colours and you can buy them with a clear panel at the top too.

Jormax Windbreaks have got a great reputation and are only sold through the Jormax Website.

See the videos below, to get more of an idea of both rigid frame windbreaks – and (in the second video) windbreak dog enclosures.

Coveva Windbreaks

Coveva Windbreaks are another popular make of rigid frame windbreaks, and these, like the Jormax, have a good reputation.

As with other windbreaks mentioned in this section, they have no guy ropes and the horizontal poles top and bottom make for a secure enclosure for your dogs, as well as sheltering you from the wind.

You can find out lots more information at the Coveva Windbreak website.

Cornish Windbreaks

Cornish Windbreaks also supply rigid fame windbreaks and dog enclosure windbreaks. Their windbreaks come in two heights and three colours, they supply 5, 7 and 9 pole windbreaks plus universal gates to enable your windbreak to become a pet enclosure.

More details can be found at the Cornish Windbreak website.

This next rigid windbreak is not a dog-proof windbreak, but it may be of interest to those of you who already have other Isabella products you want to match.

Isabella Windbreaks

Another well known make is Isabella and amongst their wide range of products (awnings included) they do a nice range of rigid windscreens.

See the video below to show one of their windcreens being erected.

Right, before we finish…


  • Would two or three shorter windbreaks be more useful than one long one? Would it give you more versatility and scope when setting up camp?
  • Consider what your windbreak will be made of – is the fabric rot-proof? Will the windbreak rustle or flap in the wind?
  • Is longevity of your windbreak an issue, or is the windbreak just for this years holiday at the beach? Could you get away with a cheaper windbreak that you could buy when you get there – or do you need to be prepared before you go?
  • Consider whether style is an issue – do you need your windbreak to match an existing awning, or tent?
  • If you are going to be lugging your windbreaks down to the beach – do you need to buy windbreaks that come with carry bags to make it easier for yourself? You are on holiday after all!

That concludes our round up of windbreaks and the different types available. I hope the information has helped you to decide which will be the best camping windbreak to suit your needs!

See you on the road!

“You don’t have to be rich to travel well.”

– Eugene Fodor

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